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Why would you use Itsawallet

  • Live Balances
    Get informed on incoming transactions

  • Swap
    Assets can be easily being sent or exchanged

  • Asset Display
    See all assets that have balance

  • Multiple Network Support
    Switch between networks or wallet addresses

  • Noncustodial
    We never ask for private keys — these are managed by Ledger Hardware, Metamask or Brave Wallet

  • Free
    Most features can be used free of charge — some advanced features require paid subscription

  • User-Friendly
    By eliminating complex menus and settings the wallet runs efficiently and is easy to use

  • No additional trading fees
    Pure trading with the potential for more savings

full crypto potential

Connect Itsawallet with Ledger Hardware, Metamask or Brave Wallet

  • Make quick transactions

    Managing digital assets is quick and easy — ItsaWallet automatically creates an encrypted address book for you and helps keep a list of your contacts

  • Trade

    Exchange or swap tokens in-app using the following decentralized exchanges

  • Portfolio

    Eye-candy overview of all assets you own and more

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Explore amazing features

Professional mode

Allows extra features such as coin-wrap and price impacts on swaps


Set your screen to go blank when you are away

Block Height

Keep track of the current blokchain block height

Sound effects

Let your computer inform you by sound when you recieve assets

Gas Price

Monitor the current blockchain gas price

Custom Tokens

Allow display of tokens that may be missing due to insufficient small market cap

List info

Display token balance, token price or the total value of your tokens

Transaction Indicator

See incoming transactions before they get confirmed on the blockchain


Dark side or Light?

Local Currencies

Display balances in your local currency


Transactions need to be signed by Ledger Hardware, Metamask or Brave Wallet

Masternode Indicator

See the status of Masternodes on the Energi Network

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Our Team

Silver Card - NFT

Marco Asbreuk

Co-Founder / CEO

Silver Card - NFT

Leon Dolinar

Co-Founder / CTO

Silver Card - NFT

Andreas Eracleous

Co-Founder / Senior Web App & Mobile Engineer

What Our Users Say

As a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency, I was intimidated by all the complicated wallets out there. Your wallet made it easy for me to get started and feel confident in handling my tokens. Thank you!

ItsaWallet on Chrome

I’m not very tech-savvy, so I was worried about using a crypto wallet. But your user-friendly interface made it a breeze to organize my tokens. I’m so glad I found your wallet

ItsaWallet on Firefox

I’ve tried a few different crypto wallets in the past, but none of them compare to yours. The interface is so user-friendly and intuitive – it makes keeping my digital assets a breeze. Keep up the great work!

ItsaWallet on Brave

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ItsaWallet?

ItsaWallet is a web application that manages your ERC20 crypto assets. It runs on your browser, meaning that it can be accessed from any computer with its associated browser. ItsaWallet does not hold your assets, nor the private keys. All assets are stored on the blockchain, while Ledger Hardware, MetaMask or Brave Wallet are being used to securely manage them.

Does ItsaWallet work on all browsers?

It works with all modern browsers as well as on mobile for iOS and Android. On iOS, you will have to use either the native MataMask App, or Brave Browser. On Android, you will have to use either the native MetaMask App, Brave Browser or Ledger Hardware Device on any Browser you prefer.

Does ItsaWallet have a native iOS or Android app?

Not yet.

What does a decentralized wallet mean?

A decentralized crypto wallet is a type of digital wallet that allows users to store and manage their digital assets in a secure and private manner independent of any central authority or third-party service.

It does not contain any sensitive user information, nor does it depend on a single server to operate. Instead, the data is stored across multiple computers all over the world, providing increased security against hackers and cybercriminals.

The digital assets themselves can only be managed by their owner. That is the user itself. The Private Key is stored inside either Ledger Hardware, MetaMask or Brave Wallet. There are other ways of securing your keys but those are not supported by ItsaWallet yet.

What is the difference between Assets, Coins and Tokens?

Assets are anything of value that you hold. With Crypto this involves both, Coins and Tokens.

Coins are the native money of the Network. ETH for Ethereum, BNB for BNB Smart Chain, ETHW for EthereumPoW, Matic for Polygon and NRG for Energi.

Tokens are ERC-20 smart contracts that developers can create if a network support that. Examples are LINK and USDC. Some Tokens are defined on multiple Networks.

What is the difference between Network and Blockchain?

Network is used to identify the platform of all computers that your wallet connects to. Examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.

Thechnically, a blockchain is a distributed ledger that holds information of all transaction. All computers in the Network run the same Blockchain.

Can ItsaWallet only be used for Crypto other than ERC-20 tokens?

ItsaWallet can manage all tokens and its native coin of the Network that it connects to. Currently, those are Ethereum, Ethereum PoW, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon and Energi. For the Network it connects to, it manages its native Coin and all tokens on that Network. For example, connected to Ethereum, ItsaWallet manages ETH (Coin) and all Ethereum Tokens.

In the near future, ItsaWallet will also support other Networks such as Bitcoin.

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